Håkon Magnar Skogstad

“Classically trained, with technique to spare, Skogstad succeds mightily in the effort.”(Dan McClenaghan, allabaoutjazz.com)

“…his playing is total precision and full of fiery emotion.” (Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews)

“…gorgeously rendered […] a cross-cultural recording for the ages.”(Jonathan Widran, The JW Vibe)

“Skogstad’s touch is rich and romantic […] a collection of tasty treats” (George W. Harris, jazzweekly.com)

“…Two Hands To Tango, proves that neither relative youth nor living a great distance from the home of tango, need impede the production of a careful and sensitive tribute to Argentine tango… (Fiona Mactaggart, Doobeedoobeedoo cross-cultural magazine)

“The release features 10 tracks, which showcase the artist’s incredible versatility and unique creative vision.” (Peter Vidani, thebandcampdiaries.com)

This young Norwegian musician conveys the beautiful rhythms and feelings found in tango through a keen and precise sense of timing.”(Marc Phillips, The Vinyl Anachronist)

“De este modo, Skogstad reformula el uso del piano en el género y le aporta una característica absolutamente personal, a la que le agrega una interpretación técnica precisa no exenta de sutiles momentos de improvisación.” (Carlos Salatino, Tiempo Argentino)

“…an incredibly interesting and compelling piece of work […] Each note is precise, with the timing and inflection moving as if the piece was a living breathing being…” (Kev Rowland, framemusic.net)

“A true dazzling display of artistry, Håkon Skogstad paints a gorgeous, vibrant picture with the timeless Two Hands to Tango.” (beachsloth.com)

 “The playing on Two Hands to Tango certainly sounds as if a duo, if not a trio of musicians are rendering the notes that come to life from the recording.” (Dodie Miller-Gould, lemonwire.com)

“The tracks feature a level of complexity and sophistication that’s instantly appreciated by anyone whose ever attempted to jam on the piano.” (Anastim Ducray, Stepkid.com)