Los Mareados: A musical poem of the great classic

Sentimiento Tanguero: Lucio Demare meets Håkon Skogstad

Tango del Angel: A piano adaptation tribute to Leopoldo Federico and his orchestra’s arrangement

Milonga Impromptu: A retrospective composition where Chopin meets the tango

Felicia: In memory of the late Horacio Salgán

Sur: A rhapsodic arrangement flirting with the original

Norte: North contrasting South - A Norwegian «tanguero» composition

El Marne: A piano adaptation of Leopoldo Federico’s bandoneón arrangement

Canaro en Paris: Salgán meets Horowitz in this concert paraphrase arrangement

Tristezas de un doble S: Exploring the bandoneónesque sounds of Piazzolla on the piano

Artist’s statement:

As a performer of tango music I have always been fascinated by the unique sound of the bandoneón and how the instrument is used in solo arrangements and compositions. Performing together with bandoneón players and writing for the instrument as an arranger/composer has inspired me to adapt both techniques as well as interpretational aspects into my own piano playing. I wanted to see if I could incorporate the multilayered, flowing and improvisational manner of playing - constantly changing focus between the bass, chords, and melodic structures, rather than trying do all at once as often as possible like an orchestral reduction. This approach can be heard throughout the album and is taken to the extreme in El Marne, which is a bandoneón arrangement adapted for the piano. The melting point is the tribute composition “Tristezas de un doble S” where Piazzolla’s «Alfred Arnold» bandoneón is replaced by the «Steinway and Sons». 

“Classically trained, with technique to spare, Skogstad succeeds mightily in the effort.” (Dan McClenaghan,

“De este modo, Skogstad reformula el uso del piano en el género y le aporta una característica absolutamente personal, a la que le agrega una interpretación técnica precisa no exenta de sutiles momentos de improvisación.” (Carlos Salatino, Tiempo Argentino)

“…gorgeously rendered [...] a cross-cultural recording for the ages.” (Jonathan Widran, The JW Vibe)

“…his playing is total precision and full of fiery emotion.” (Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews)

“The playing on Two Hands to Tango certainly sounds as if a duo, if not a trio of musicians are rendering the notes that come to life from the recording.” (Dodie Miller-Gould,

“This young Norwegian musician conveys the beautiful rhythms and feelings found in tango through a keen and precise sense of timing.” (Marc Phillips, The Vinyl Anachronist)

“…Two Hands To Tango, proves that neither relative youth nor living a great distance from the home of tango, need impede the production of a careful and sensitive tribute to Argentine tango… (Fiona Mactaggart, Doobeedoobeedoo cross-cultural magazine)

“Skogstad’s touch is rich and romantic […] a collection of tasty treats” (George W. Harris,

“Un disco a cargo de un excelente pianista que muestra que, fuera de nuestros pagos, también se puede hacer muy buen tango.” (Jorge García, El Amante)